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Chapter End

This previous weekend has been such a blur! Thank you to everyone for being an amazing community of support and world-changers! As of today, October 13, 2017, we have raised $3110 together! That amounts to a LIFETIME of CLEAN WATER for over 62 people! Can I give everyone a big virtual hug?! Your contribution has… Continue reading Chapter End


Thirty-Nine: Race Day Giveaway

It's been quiet at the blog because I've been struggling to survive 10 miles of continuous running but beside that, I am excited to share that we have been able to raise $2025 together! That is over two-thirds of our goal of $3000! Whoo-hoo! Race Day is coming up quickly, on October 8, 2017. With a little under two weeks left, I really want us to push toward bringing hope our international brothers and sisters and their children. We need 39 people to step up and donate at least $25. I will be hosting a giveaway as a token of appreciation for those who have already contributed and to give those of you who are considering, a last nudge to make a difference. Click the title to learn more!


Fundraising Update #1: Serious Push

I took a vacation in the Bay Area this past week so I took a break from writing. I was not slacking off, however! I have been working hard, between passing out my information cards to friends and colleagues, giving a presentation to my home church, to even making an official fundraising video! I am excited to show you guys what I've been working on. Check it out by clicking the title!

Fundraising · Reflection

How Apathy is Born

I never thought I would ever say this, but being comfortable makes me feel uncomfortable. Going through several trying times in the last year, I finally found myself in some level of financial stability and have realized that I didn't really care about about those around me. Perhaps there is more to life than to just providing for oneself. Click the title to read the full article!