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Training Update #4: Taking Care of My Future Self

Have you ever felt like you needed a “pause” button in life?

Most of you might remember VHS players. One of my favorite pastimes as a child was watching Disney’s Aladdin. “Why Aladdin,” you say? Perhaps it was because of the riveting storyline of young Jasmine breaking free from society’s norm for females in her time. Or perhaps it was the story of Underdog Aladdin who beat the odds and became a prince.


I just thought Aladdin was cute.

This is reason enough, right??

Anyway, before I started going to school, I would watch Aladdin once a day, from beginning to end. Back then, VHS tapes still included ads for other films at the beginning of each movie. In order to skip them, you had to fast-forward past them. Which took forever.

4-year-old Melanie came up with a pretty simple way to avoid that agony. I would enjoy the whole movie, sing through the credits, and then proceed to rewind the tape while watching it on the screen to make sure it only went back to the start of the movie and not all the way to the beginning of the ads. I am surprised at how determined I was to make my future experiences convenient.

I often feel like I want to do the same thing in life. Things get in the way. Nothing is ever convenient. This week, I went through some transitions at work and also at home. I have been getting very little sleep amid everything. So I put a pause on things for a few days. I trained for a couple days at the beginning of the week, but toward the end, I needed to re-center myself. This is for the sake of my future self who will experience her share of challenges.


Today, as I write, I am feeling much better and expect to continue onward as usual. Thank you for your ongoing support and I am excited to share the gains for the week with you! Please consider visiting my fundraiser page by clicking on the image or link below and give $50 to a child in need, today:

$50 banner

Click here to donate $50 to one child for LIFETIME water and health.

Thank you for reading, Friend. If this is your first time at my blog, please feel free to visit my “Start Here” page in order to learn more about why I am doing this whole blogging and training thing in the first place!


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