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Training Update #5: Charting Ahead

The other day, I watched a really stunning before and after video of a person I used to follow closely on YouTube. His name is Hugh Gwon and is the husband in the popular duo, “My Korean Husband.” Hugh was never the fittest person, but he looked generally happy. At some point, he decided he was unhappy with how he’s treated his body and set off to lose 15 kg in 6 months. As I watched him on his journey, there was a point where he looked back and noticed how much work he accomplished in such a short amount of time. He was in awe of himself.


I mean, I’m definitely not this buff or anything, but I certainly can see changes in myself both mentally and physically!


Can you relate to this feeling? I have a history of generally not appreciating my own abilities, so it is actually a discipline for me to sit back and acknowledge my accomplishments.

This week, I took on the prescribed 6-mile long run. The distance wasn’t a surprise to me. The training schedule given to me by World Vision is formulated for the safest and most efficient method to reach the half marathon distance within a few months. However, with a half-marathon being about 13.1 miles, my long run this week was just about half of my goal distance. To be honest, I am surprised I even reached this point without giving up, especially with all the events that have happened between May and now. I find myself just like Hugh, looking back through 2 – 3 months and actually noticing the journey for the first time.

When I ran the 6-mile run, I didn’t know what I was doing. Edward, my wonderful boyfriend, actually helped me chart the simplest route around my neighborhood so I wouldn’t have to think about it too hard. Then he actually ran with me, too. I didn’t know how much that’d help me. Take a look at my progress! I did this by doing a 6-minute to 2-minute run-walk cycle.


I used to be a quitter. I was the type of student that would generally not do any homework and if I managed to do it, would finish most of a homework set only to leave the last few questions unanswered. Honestly speaking, I thought I would have given up by this point. Now that I’ve gotten here, I hope to continue pushing on toward the goal distance of 13.1 miles.

Thank you for supporting me thus far. Please join me in my mission to bring clean, running water to those who are living in rural African communities. Consider visiting my fundraiser page by clicking on the image or link below and give $50 to a child in need, today:

$50 banner

Click here to donate $50 to one child for LIFETIME water and health.

Thank you for reading, Friend. If this is your first time at my blog, please feel free to visit my “Start Here” page in order to learn more about why I am doing this whole blogging and training thing in the first place!


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