Fundraising Update #1: Serious Push

Hello, Friends! I took a vacation in the Bay Area this past week so I took a break from writing. I was not slacking off, however! I have been working hard, between passing out my information cards to friends and colleagues, giving a presentation to my home church, to even making an official fundraising video! I am excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on. Check it out!

This video did take quite a bit of my time, so that’s all I’ve got for you, today. Please remember to SHARE my fundraising link, this website, and my video with your friends and family!

Please consider visiting my fundraiser page by clicking on the image or link below and give $50 to a child in need, today:

$50 banner

Click here to donate $50 to one child for LIFETIME water and health.

Thank you for reading, Friend. If this is your first time at my blog, please feel free to visit my “Start Here” page in order to learn more about why I am doing this whole blogging and training thing in the first place!


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