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Chapter End

This previous weekend has been such a blur! Thank you to everyone for being an amazing community of support and world-changers! As of today, October 13, 2017, we have raised $3110 together! That amounts to a LIFETIME of CLEAN WATER for over 62 people! Can I give everyone a big virtual hug?! Your contribution has gone toward our Team Long Beach total of $176,705! That means you directly affected over 3534 people and they will receive a LIFETIME of clean water! For this being just a 3-month project, this is no small feat.

10-13 Progress Bar

I’m sure you are all curious about what it might feel like to participate in the festivities during a half-marathon. Honestly, prior to the day of the race, I was nervous not because of the 13.1 miles I would need to run, but because of the large crowds that would be gathered there. I am quite the introvert who has always found the path of least resistance when it came to surviving large amounts of people.

Instead of the mass chaos I initially feared, I found this marathon and half-marathon as an awesome community of positive vibes and strength. I used to think, “why would someone want to pay to run?” I came to find that the most of the experience was exhilarating. Unfortunately for the locals, this event blocked all access to some major streets and a section of the highway in the downtown area. Because of this, we were able to traverse areas most normal citizens would not be able to access! It was a new experience being able to run on four-lane roads and on-ramps of the highways with a group of people going on the same journey.

We were running on empty highways and overpasses!

The funniest thing is, although I remember the general feeling this event gave me, I can’t quite remember the actual sensation of running the course. It was definitely uncomfortable and I struggled in a few parts of the race because my joints weren’t feeling their best on the day of the race, but I cannot remember the pain or how long it took to get through the route. The last thing I can clearly remember is the sweet, sweet relief and sense of accomplishment from crossing the finish line. I do wonder if this is how people catch the race bug, as the most memorable part of everything was the energy from the start of the race and the satisfaction of the finish. I think the brain does something similar when we do things that give us a thrill, such as riding extreme roller coasters or watching scary movies.

Despite the race amnesia, I could never forget YOU! The fact is, I would not have fulfilled this mission on willpower, alone. I was able to do this because I knew there are real people who are in need and I was running to bring light to your generous contributions.

This will be the last major written post on the blog and I do thank everyone who has followed my journey! I will be creating a short video of the race experience and invite everyone to check it out once I complete it.

At the time of this posting, I have chosen 2 winners from my giveaway and will be contacting them shortly. This is the end of A Kindred Breeze, but I hope it is not the end of your engagement to help our global community!

Warmest blessings. -Melanie


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