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Chapter End

This previous weekend has been such a blur! Thank you to everyone for being an amazing community of support and world-changers! As of today, October 13, 2017, we have raised $3110 together! That amounts to a LIFETIME of CLEAN WATER for over 62 people! Can I give everyone a big virtual hug?! Your contribution has… Continue reading Chapter End

Fundraising · Reflection

How Apathy is Born

I never thought I would ever say this, but being comfortable makes me feel uncomfortable. Going through several trying times in the last year, I finally found myself in some level of financial stability and have realized that I didn't really care about about those around me. Perhaps there is more to life than to just providing for oneself. Click the title to read the full article!

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Water is Currency for Life

It has been a really eventful and rough week. I really hope that I am catching a proper break, now. While recovering from the week’s events, I have been drinking a lot of tea. Green, oolong, white, black … I do not discriminate. Of course, although it is a low-cost coping method, it does not come free. I have the privilege of making tea whenever I please, because I have constant access to clean, running water. Click the title to find out what other activities we take for granted in our day to day lives!

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Education is a Life Changer

We’ve already established that I was a terrible student when I was growing up. We don’t need to continue on about how I would claim to have “forgotten” my homework or how I would drop my progress reports behind the couch so my parents wouldn't know about my grades. I loved to learn and was always knowledge-hungry while growing up. Unfortunately, the system that facilitated my learning definitely wasn’t a good fit for me. University was still not the ideal style of learning for me, but it provided me with invaluable experience and opportunities to be a positive influence within my circle of influence. This is a gift that only the most privileged have. Click the title to read the full post!

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3 Tips to Kick Procrastination

I was a chronic procrastinator and homework skipper for most of my school years. I may not look like it, but my grades sucked. I was disappointed in myself for the first eighteen years of my life. In university, I abandoned my destructive habit because of my very first professor, John. The day I turned in a half-finished project, he said some sharp words to change my mindset. Today, I have taken some necessary steps to improve my motivation to stay committed to my projects. Click the title to read about how I did it!