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Thank you for landing on my website and sticking around to see what I am up to. You may have seen a subscription pop-up on the site already. I would really appreciate your support by following my journey towards raising $3000 for rural African communities to have access to clean, running water.

If you haven’t, already, please click the “Subscribe” link either on the top of the page or on the sidebar. Fill out the form and you will then receive weekly updates from my website! This is also the most direct way for you to learn about other cool campaigns I will be doing during my fundraising period (I make no guarantees, but an art auction, giveaway, and appreciation day might be in the future).

When you are ready, read my first post here. It’ll tell you all about why I am even doing this in the first place! Feel free to explore my other thoughts and updates through my archives, as well! Lastly, return to my front page to see my most recent posts.

As you read through my site, I hope you enjoy yourself and find some meaningful things to think about. I also hope that you may be inspired to give a little of your resources to bring real changes to many communities.

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